"Inexplicable youthfulness induced by tawdry procedures"

the worst

is when you start having dreams about work.  except it actually gets even worse because it becomes awkward when you dream about being best friends with someone you work with and then you go into work and you remember that you don’t ever talk to that person, let alone anyone.  but really it’s better that way

hiding in the bathroom at work, one of my favorite activities. i feel spiteful of conde nast(y), golf digest, and rich people who dont know what to do with their money. accordingly, here is a video i took at the new yorks alright fest last weekend. the dollhouse represents all the above. i am the audience, starving for violence. !!!!!!!!!!!

i’m already so sad about this that i’m just vomiting hair. except nah it had to happen

i have heavy flow right now

watch this.


so awesome to see this beautiful rendition of my hometown, especially those places because they bring back so many heavy and colorful memories. still prefer egypt beach though.  casey dienel’s new album is crazy good, i’m looking forward to hopefully seeing her play in vt. 

it was so much easier being depressed when i was 17.